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Life is Sweet!

Pure, Raw, Unfiltered, Local, Honey!

-   ABOUT US  -

Comb Chunk Honey Jars

AA Honey, AleChemist Apiaries was founded in 2014 by Daniel Warner and Marco Dominguez. We are local producers of Colorado honey and other hive products as well as live bee colonies "seasonally." We practice a natural method of beekeeping and are proud to be a resource to our community for pure, raw and local bee products as well as resource for education and community action. With a combined 30 years experience in the industry we strive to offer our very best always, taste the difference? AA Honey is registered Colorado Proud! "Better for you, better for Colorado." For us AA Stands for Grade AA as the USDA only has grade A. That's because we don't super heat or ultra filter our honey nor is it ever blended. We produce and package pure varietal honey that still retains it's amino acids, micronutrients and enzymatics. We hope you enjoy our products!

"Are you looking for bulk items? Please email for wholesale inquires, thanks!


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